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Les Hardison is an eighty-five-year-old retired engineer. He graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1950 with a degree in mechanical engineering. During his working years, he was a petroleum process design engineer for UOP, Inc., and later technical director of UOP Air Correction Division.

During the last twenty-five years of his working career, he was president of ARI Technologies, Inc., a small air pollution control company that developed, among other things, the LO-CAT Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation Process.

He has recently been awarded a US patent for the development of a system for viewing ordinary TV programs in 3-D without special glasses or alterations to the television set or program production.

He has never had any special training in physics or cosmology and recognizes that if he knew more about them, he would probably not have written either the first book, A New Light on the Expanding Universe, or this one.






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